AAS Closer Look Of The Art Of The GYPSY

Artist Alley Studio Closer Look

The concept of “Artist Alley Studio Closer Look” is an exciting venture that allows art enthusiasts to take a virtual journey into the intricate details of paintings created by The GYPSY. This innovative approach brings a new dimension to art appreciation, providing viewers with a closer, more intimate understanding of the craftsmanship and details embedded within each work of art.

AAS CLOSER LOOK: 4TH AND JACKSON – TOPEKA – Join The GYPSY as he gives you a close-up and personal look at this colorful and historic painting from Topeka’s past.

AAS CLOSER LOOK: ANDALUSIAN DANCER IN CAVE CAFE AT SACRO MONTE  Join The GYPSY as he gives you a close-up and personal look at this colorful painting giving an intimate look into Romani lifestyle.

AAS CLOSER LOOK: THE ARRIVAL REVISITED – “The Arrival Revisited” pays a surrealistic tribute to the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. This painting by American Romani Artist gives a Munchkins view of the arrival of Dorothy Gale into the land over the rainbow.

AAS CLOSER LOOK: ALONG THE SHUNGA TRAIL – I get bored easy. Because I get bored I have to constantly be doing something which may explain my artistic nature. I create to keep my hands, eyes and mind from becoming too idle. But I do not create the same things over and over again for to do that would once again bring me back full circle to boredom. So it is that as I create I explore. I explore new ways of doing what I do best; Create art.

AAS CLOSER LOOK: ALONG THE SHUNGA TRAIL TOO – “Along The Shunga Trail Too” was created after I gave the original “Along The Shunga Trail” to a friend who was going through a tough period in her life. I grew up and played along the original trail before it was developed. I have a special affinity for this former wildlife and Native American Trail which follows the Shunganunga Creek. There are so many beautiful scenes to paint along this trail I may never get to all of them.

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